Web – Don’t Love Me Like They Should (Week 2)

Web an artist originally from Vancouver now residing in Los Angeles, has made a bold decision in releasing a very good album from what I have heard so far, one song a week at a time in hope to get exposure and much needed money to get back into the game. He recently got hooked up with Central Soul Music and will be touring soon. With a blog of his own, Web talks about some real shit. Sucks seeing lyricists like Web have trouble getting his music out to the people but it does look like things are getting better.

Since this is the second week of his releases from his album , I’ll Be Alright, Book One, I will add this weeks song and the bonus package from week one of three songs. Album cover and tracklisting after the jump

Listen Here : (Week 2) Web – Don’t Love Me Like They Should

                    (Week 1) Web – Rebirth

                    (Week 1) Web – Get Over (Prologue)

                    (Week 1) Web – Cutlass Supreme



Tracllisting for Web – I’LL BE ALRIGHT, BOOK ONE

1) Rebirth
2) Get Over (Prologue)
3) Don’t Love Me Like They Should
4) Change Lanes
5) Cutlass Supreme
6) Better As You
7) Move The Crowd
8) Lonely Street
9) Dance With You feat. Benjamin Arce
10) The Rock Show
11) Blood Brothers feat. Shane Eli
12) Glow
13) Take A Ride (Epilogue)

Click here to preview the album

Click over here —-> to buy the album


2 Responses to “Web – Don’t Love Me Like They Should (Week 2)”

  1. that’s what’s up! thanks for the post fam! linked back to you from my page so my folks will come take a look around…. more music to come….

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