Web – Week 9 & 10

I have been extremely busy with all around college stuff and soccer lately. I Just got back from a 3 day trip to Florida with the soccer team which was tight as hell. So hopefully I will be getting back on my grind this week. Since I didn’t get Web’s song up last week it will be a two for one special this week combining week 9 and 10. The two songs are called “Blood Brothers” ft. Shane Eli and “Glow”. Both songs are fresh as usual. What else do you expect from Web?? Also the official release of I’ll Be Alright, Book One is January 15th and he will be on tour after that called Please Buy My Tape Tour. Ha dont have to ask me nicely to buy the tape.

Listen Here : Web – Blood Brothers ft. Shane Eli

                   “Blood Brothers never fuck with them other motherfuckers”

Listen Here : Web – Glow

                  “The revenge of the lyricist”


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