These are one of the many reasons I drink Nati Light besides the price and the great taste i have acquired. For those who do not know they are slogans put on the side of Natural Light cases that are fuckin hilarious. There are also videos for some of them.  I love them and even collect the slogans from the cases even though I’ve only found 4 different ones. The one in teh video.. natapult may be my favorite as I even started using it in my vocab haha. Hit the jump to see some of the other names with definitions and the other videos.


Here’s the of official nattyisms I have seen or heard.

Natapult – the act of launching a nati light for the purpose of eliminating time spent walking

Natiofurniture – the use of a cooler of nati light as a chair or table

Natastrophe – the unfornate loss or destruction of one’s nati light

Naturday – the most awesomest day of one’s week

Natidore – The one who tends to wrestle after a night of drinking nati light

Nat trick – When one grabs 3 nati lights at once.

Nattaboy – What you hear when you bring a 30 pack of nati light to the party

Natisfaction – The state of contentment one experiences when that delicious Natty Light hits your lips

Natburglar – Someone who obtains your precious Natty Light through covert or stealthy operations

The best one me and my friends have came up with is…

Natsack – The way of carrying nati light safely to one’s drinking destination

What kind of nattyisms you all got?


4 Responses to “Nattyisms”

  1. Nattoo – a tatoo of a can of natural light.

  2. Natabuggy. What you carry your 24 pack of Natty Light in to the deer stand!

  3. Nattress: Any area or surface designated to sleeping, whether intentionally or unintentionally, after a night of drinking nati light. E.G.:Chris urinated his nattress after a long night of partying.

  4. natrimony- the act of marrying a can of natty light

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