Righchus – Ridin’ (Video)

I spotted this over at 2dopeboyz today and I had to post it. The actual video only cost $42 to make. INSANE. video is actually pretty fresh and the song aint bad at all. I checked up on the dude Righchus and click here to listen to some songs from him. Or check his blog. Dude is from Charleston SC and with help from the students of South Carolina he made this video. I’m sure I’ll be posting some more stuff of him soon. Also check the jump for the next Chris Brown doing a dance remix to Ridin’.


The man Ethan is the director’s brother from Ridin’, Taylor Engel


2 Responses to “Righchus – Ridin’ (Video)”

  1. […] us. Shout outs to: Hip Hop Lounge on the 10th Floor , The Circuit , pleasedontstare.com , Listen Here Son , and Finanshall Times . I’m sure there’s more so let us know who you are!  Thank you […]

  2. […] album Chaos Theory. Full video should be out by the end of the week. The first video ’Ridin‘ went on to show on BET.com, 99dollarmusicvideos.com, and win awards at the Indie Grits Film […]

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