The 3rd – Club In My Car The Fixtape


The 3rd are a group out of Columbus, Ohio. I came across these guys a month or two ago and still got thier mixtape in rotation. Its titled The Club In My Car The Fixtape and its representing the OH very well. I play the hell out of the title song “Club In My Car” and “The C.O. Way” along with a track off another mixtape, “Marlee” which might be my favorite. Give these dudes a listen as they have to be good or else I wouldn’t be posting them after a 2 month time of doing nothing.  Tracklisting and download below


02-The 3Rd Coming
03-The Interlude
04-Club In My Car Ft. Dame D
05-Cds Out The Trunk Ft. Wallabe & L.E. From Fly Union
06-Speakers Go Bang
08-Success (Prod. A.U.)
09-California Dot
10-The C.O. Way
11-Fresco Goods
12-Blazin’ Up
13-I’m In Love
14-Stop N’ Look
15-J. Sands
17-Go Head
18-Old Time Sake
19-The Rooftop Ft. Trav Dav (Prod. J Rawls)
20-J Rawls
21-Voyage To Lima
24-Hustler’s Prayer Ft. Jadakiss

 Download: The 3rd – Club In My Car Fixtape

Download: The 3rd – Marlee


2 Responses to “The 3rd – Club In My Car The Fixtape”

  1. […] music from The 3rd. Group out of Columbus and released one of my favorite mixtapes a while back Club In My Car so get to downloading if you aint got it. It has one of my favorite lines on the song “Club […]

  2. […] for “Escalade” off of The 3rd’s latest album 1979. Also download thier dope Club in My Car Fixtape which I doubt many of you […]

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