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Sha Stimuli – 6th Sense

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Sha goes in hard every time. This is no different. No need to talk about this track just download it.

“its like the 6th sense you still thinking your here, while i’m making coffins out of careers”

Download: Sha Stimuli – 6th Sense


Where The Wild Things Are (Trailer)

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I believe this might be the first movie I’ve put up here, but it looks like its going be a good ass movie, also considering the book was easily one of my favorites as a kid. I barely get any time to see movies with school and then somehow always ending up under the influence on the weekends but I might try to make it out to this one.

Marky – Delusional

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Every song Marky puts out is dope. Granted he doesnt put out songs that often but this song it dope. I’m still playing American Dream from a couple months back. On new news Marky will be releasing a “mini-album” titled “Nothing is 43ver” on April 3. “Delusional” was the first track from it and “Turnaround” is the second.

Listen Here: Marky – Delusional

“and they ask me what i do it for ..and i tell them…your delusional”

Listen Here: Marky – Turnaround

On a sidenote Marky wants you to call him up and talk or leave a message how dope is that??

… and the number is 202-713-1014

Brandun DeShay

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So I think I might be getting back on my grind in posting. We will see… but for now I wanted to show some respect to Brandun Deshay. He sent me some music a couple weeks ago and now that I finally got a chance to listen to it I had to put it up. Dude comes from Chitown and is on his way up in the game. But this is the style of music I could listen to all day.  He talks about the real real in his songs and has a nice flow that goes along with the soft techno/electro beats or whatever you wanna call it that you can just chill to. And it dont seem like he is trying to impress anyone which is dope just saying whats on his mind. So check the dude out, he has two mixtapes out now which are below with a couple songs that you can listen to first. Also if you want to learn some more about Brandun hit up his website and/or read an interview of him with TheCornerLiq.

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Mike Posner & Brain Trust – A Matter of Time (Mixtape)

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So its been a couple weeks since my last post but ive been trying to recoup since spring break and trying to make it through all my damn tests and papers the last two weeks. Since I got a little time I had to show some respect to this mixtape. Shit is dope. Complete different sound than normal, production is good, rhymes are sick. you can even just chill to the music or bump it in your car. not really anything bad about this mixtape. definately one of my favorite mixtape this year along with Drake’s So Far Gone. So pretty much what I’m saying is download this and if you dont believe me i’ll put a couple songs by themselves from the mixtape below so you can listen first. Tracklisting and download link also below.


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Big Kuntry King – Swavor

Posted in hip-hop, music with tags on March 5, 2009 by KJ


Big Kuntry King just came out with a couple new songs and “Swavor” might be my new favorite joint. He puts out that feel good music making you wanna just get up and dance and yell shit ha. The other track “Beem Beem Beem” is below aslo.

Listen Here: Big Kuntry King – Swavor

Listen Here: Big Kuntry King – Beem Beem Beem

Cyrano – Bolsheviks

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This is the first leak off of Cyrano aka Cy Yung’s mixtape with DubMD called Madicinal Libationz. Dude grows on me everytime I listen to him. Catch up on the dude and check out two of his older mixtapes here.

Listen Here: Cyrano – Bolsheviks