Web Since 1982: Inferno Album Sampler

web inferno

And since i posted something i gotta post something from my dude Web. His album Web Since 1982: Inferno comes out next Monday for free on the interweb. Fucking dope. Still listen to his shit all the time. If you still dont know him please get his album you will like it no doubt. Also check out his webisodes? on his website as he always talk some real shit which is a very good watch and listen.  And yes the picture dont fit but i dont feel like changing it. Tracklisting below with the download

1) The Dream (produced by: Shane Eli)

2) In The Beginning (produced by: Crooks & Kruscher)

3) Drowning (produced by: Shane Eli)

4) Depression (produced by: Blunt)

5) The Natural (produced by: Red Vision)

6) Climbing Up The Downward Spiral (Interlude) (produced by: Pink Floyd)

7) A View Of The World (produced by: Shane Eli)

8) Pray feat. Benjamin Arce (produced by: Red Vision)

9) Warrior Drum (produced by: Rodney ‘Syrenn’ Hazard)

10) Never Go Back (produced by: Shane Eli)

Web – Web Since 1982 Inferno Album Sampler


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