Wiz Khalifa – B.A.R (Burn After Rolling)


This fresh song is off of Wiz Khalifa’s upcoming mixtape. Enjoy

Wiz Khalifa – B.A.R (Burn After Rolling)


9 Responses to “Wiz Khalifa – B.A.R (Burn After Rolling)”

  1. i love wiz! his music is hot. it would be so awesome to record a song with him

  2. Wiz Khalifaaa is the hottest black man ever ! <33333333333333

  3. you suck wiz give it up…your just a whack rapper…just stop now while you can’t or don’t have the chance to make it even close to the top

  4. Chelse_Grand. Says:

    WiZ Khalifa IS the shitt :))

  5. o hey are yhu new(yhu sexi doe)

  6. Alexis Dalania Says:

    oooooooooooooooooh he is soooooooooo BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Brandon pree Says:

    ahah yeeaaah Burn Afta Rolling bitch this nigga wiz khalifa is the truth and im still paper chassing fucking yu niggas hoes !

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