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Benjamin Arce – Los Angeles ft. Web & Shane Eli

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Web and Ben2

The Central Soul boys hook up for Benjamin Arce’s first single off his upcoming album Underground Soul.

Benjamin Arce – Los Angeles ft. Web & Shane Eli


Web Since 1982: Inferno

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web inferno2

“they did every big show on the van city circuit but couldn’t get no love and lord knows they deserve it”

Not only does Central Soul Music, comprised of the likes of Web, Benjamin Arce, and Shane Eli, deserve some much needed love but Web deserves it across the whole damn globe. His music just keeps getting better as he puts it out and the Inferno is some good ass hiphop. Go ahead and download it as you will love it then talk about it, blog about it, write about it, think about it, and listen to it again all while listening to it…if that makes sense. It does alright good. Web Since 1982: Inferno…enjoy…after the jump of course and i’m assuming you know the tracklist is down there also. Ok good.

p.s. if you had a shitty day at work like me this easily makes it a great day

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Web – Week 9 & 10

Posted in Album, hip-hop, music with tags , on October 15, 2008 by KJ

I have been extremely busy with all around college stuff and soccer lately. I Just got back from a 3 day trip to Florida with the soccer team which was tight as hell. So hopefully I will be getting back on my grind this week. Since I didn’t get Web’s song up last week it will be a two for one special this week combining week 9 and 10. The two songs are called “Blood Brothers” ft. Shane Eli and “Glow”. Both songs are fresh as usual. What else do you expect from Web?? Also the official release of I’ll Be Alright, Book One is January 15th and he will be on tour after that called Please Buy My Tape Tour. Ha dont have to ask me nicely to buy the tape.

Listen Here : Web – Blood Brothers ft. Shane Eli

                   “Blood Brothers never fuck with them other motherfuckers”

Listen Here : Web – Glow

                  “The revenge of the lyricist”