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Three 6 Mafia – Lil Freak ft. Webbie

Posted in hip-hop, Soccer with tags , on September 11, 2009 by KJ


Alright I guess one more post. Song is a little old but thought it might be a nice add to the party list for the weekend. And since I won’t get much drinking done this weekend go ahead and drink one for me while I crush kids back in my home state.

Three 6 Mafia – Lil Freak ft. Webbie


Jozy Altidore doing the stanky leg after scoring

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haha had to post it. Altidore does the stanky leg after scoring against spain its only for like 2 seconds but its hilarious. It at the 20 second mark ha. And the US beat Spain…Hell yea World Cup here we come

Euro 2008

Posted in Soccer with tags , on July 2, 2008 by KJ

Pretty tight soccer video I spotted over on psychedelico. I saw some of these commercials while watching Euro 2008 which was some exciting soccer to watch. Never seen so many games decided in the last 5 minutes. Turkey suprised me with thier play and I got much respect for them now considering they were one of the only teams to play hard for the full 90 plus stoppage. Thier game against Czech was unbelievable with 3 goals in the last 15 minutes to advance on. Then against Croatia they scored in stoppage time to eventually win in pks. Even though there was technical difficulties when watching their game against Germany, damn thunderstorms, that was an exciting game in which I was hoping for them to win. As for the champions, Spain, they showed why they are number 1 in the world right now. They went undefeated beating a good number of solid teams. Russia, a good team, proved as easy competition to them as they destroyed them in both games. Sweden was a worthy opponent playing great defense only to lose by 1. Spain barely made it by Italy on pks and then outplayed Germany the whole game in the finals. Overall there was a lot of good soccer to watch for which im glad I was sick and off work to be able to watch all the games haha.