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Jozy Altidore doing the stanky leg after scoring

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haha had to post it. Altidore does the stanky leg after scoring against spain its only for like 2 seconds but its hilarious. It at the 20 second mark ha. And the US beat Spain…Hell yea World Cup here we come


ItsTheReal – The E.N.D. of Days

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“I’ve listened to OJ’s music and ive never heard him say words”

haha ItsTheReal always bringing that funny shit

Web Since 1982: Inferno

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web inferno2

“they did every big show on the van city circuit but couldn’t get no love and lord knows they deserve it”

Not only does Central Soul Music, comprised of the likes of Web, Benjamin Arce, and Shane Eli, deserve some much needed love but Web deserves it across the whole damn globe. His music just keeps getting better as he puts it out and the Inferno is some good ass hiphop. Go ahead and download it as you will love it then talk about it, blog about it, write about it, think about it, and listen to it again all while listening to it…if that makes sense. It does alright good. Web Since 1982: Inferno…enjoy…after the jump of course and i’m assuming you know the tracklist is down there also. Ok good.

p.s. if you had a shitty day at work like me this easily makes it a great day

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Gabriel Antonio – Ride For Me

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gabriel antonio

The song is back from 07 but I still play it all the time. Gabriel is on the come up so go ahead and jump on the bandwagon. Check out more of his music here . Trying to think how many R&B songs I have put on here and can’t think of too many. Maybe I’ll add some more… but probably not

Gabriel Antonio – Ride For Me

American Yard – No You Didn’t (Yes We Did)

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american yard

American Yard is made up of a Jamaican (STACY-ANN), an Englishman (STEVIE ENGLISH) out of London, and an American (BLEWZ) from Long Island and together make a very unique sound. Like a mix of pop/rock and hiphop which is pretty tight. This song is catchy as of right now but can see it maybe getting old quick but who knows.

American Yard – No You Didn’t (Yes We Did)

Sha Stimuli – I Miss You ft. Neyo

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A song that everyone should be able to relate to. Loosing a girl and getting a feeling of missing her. Different topic from the normal Sha but does work like always and of course Neyo is good on the hook. Favorite line which happens to be in the hook has to be… “I miss you in the morning waking up and give me kiss with stinky breath” haha wouldnt say most people miss the stinky breath but funny ha

Sha Stimuli – I Miss You ft. Neyo

The Kickdrums – Just A Game

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The fellow Ohio natives come out with thier first album aside from thier producing duties and I like it. Kind of rock/indie music reminds me of some of the stuff i listened to back in high school. Anyways definitely worth a download. Tracklisting and link below.

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