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Miley Cyrus – Party In The USA (Video)

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Yea definitely not the official video, however these dudes did make me laugh haha. But I can get down to this song under 3 conditions. I have plenty of alcohol in my system, there are plenty of girls around and at least another dude is screaming the shit with me.


Alan, Alan, Alan

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Straight comedy

Beyonce causing people to hurt themselves

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Haha so this lady busts her head straight agaisnt her TV. First of all why the hell would you put on a SAW clown mask to dance and especially to single ladies and second I blame Beyonce for this. Without a song dedicated to ladies being single this would never happen. Let me explain. A) if she had a man she definitely would not be wearing that mask and would never be doing that dance or even listening to the song based on I can’t stand the song. B) She wouldn’t be dancing all happy and carelessly about being single because there would be no song for her to do so thus preventing single ladies dancing injuries C) Anything Beyonce does a normal girl can’t so dont even try including dancing being sexy and being sexy

Anyways after the jump is another video of a girl trying to dance to the song and looks like shes doing some irish jig shit and pulls out the lawnmower at the 47 second mark haha

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Online Dating

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Haha funny shit.. Oh  you don’t kiss on the first date? haha

swiped from Internet Goon via DCtoBC

Jones’ Big Ass Truck Rental & Storage

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Haha “you got a elephant… i got space”


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These are one of the many reasons I drink Nati Light besides the price and the great taste i have acquired. For those who do not know they are slogans put on the side of Natural Light cases that are fuckin hilarious. There are also videos for some of them.  I love them and even collect the slogans from the cases even though I’ve only found 4 different ones. The one in teh video.. natapult may be my favorite as I even started using it in my vocab haha. Hit the jump to see some of the other names with definitions and the other videos.


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Show Me Your Genitals 1 & 2

Posted in Misc, music, video with tags on November 18, 2008 by KJ

i spotted this over at my man Web‘s site and thoguht it was hilarious.Haha dude is very direct no bullshittin coming from him. Also tells me something i never knew 2+2 equals haha